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Contact Information

Station address and specified areas of activities


Station Address, telephone number and e-mail Specified areas of activities
Main Station 70 Muchang Hsinhua District, 71246 Tainan, Taiwan, ROC
TEL:(06)5912901 FAX:(06)5912928
E-mail: tndais@mail.tndais.gov.tw
Overall administration affairs: varietal and cultural improvement of legumes, fruits, vegetables and flowers; post-harvest handeling; biotechnology; crop protection, soil and fertilizers; agricultural machinery; extension.
Nung-Kai Branch Station 1 Nung-Kai_Chang Fengchou Tsun, Lutsao 611, Chiayi, Taiwan, ROC
TEL:(05)3751574-5 FAX:(05)3750712
E-mail: chiayi@mail.tndais.gov.tw
Rice breeding and cultural improvement for high quality grain.
Potzu Branch Station 120 Tehsing Li, Potzu 613, Chiayi, Taiwan, ROC
TEL:(05)3792060 FAX:(05)3794495
E-mail: potzu@mail.tndais.gov.tw
Varietal and cultural improvements of maize, and system improvement for paddy rice and dryland crop rotations.
Tounan Branch Station 1-15 Fuhsing Rd., Shihshi Li, Tounan 630, Yuinlin, Taiwan, ROC
TEL:(05)5970728 FAX:(05)5960245
E-mail: yuinlin@mail.tndais.gov.tw
Cultural improvement of floriculture and seedling nurseries.
Yichu Branch Station 84 Chungchuang, Chungpin Tsun, Yichu 624, Chiayi, Taiwan, ROC
TEL:(05)3412416 FAX:(05)3417413
E-mail: yichu@mail.tndais.gov.tw
Cultural improvement of asparagus, garlic, cucumber and medicinal herbs.


The main station 
The Main Station

Potzu Branch Station
Potzu Branch Station

The old main station in Tainan city
The old main station in downtown has become
a historical site in Tainan city

Chiayi Branch Station
Nung-Kai Branch Station

Yuinlin Branch Station
Tounan Branch Station

Yichu Branch Station
Yichu Branch Station

Division of Crop Improvement
Division of Crop Improvement

Division of Crop Environment
Division of Crop Environment

Division of Agricultural Extension
Division of Agricultural Extension