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Leafy vegetable

Leafy vegetable

Small leafy vegetables can be categorized into pei-tsai, ching-chiang pri-tsai, spinach, kale, leaf lettuce, mustard, water convolvulus and sweet potato leaves. Heading leafy vegetables include cabbage, head lettuce, Chinese cabbage, and heading mustard. Within the service of Tainan DARES, the leafy vegetables accounted for more than 50% of the total acreage and yield were Chinese cabbage (1,111 ha / 48,965 tons), heading lettuce (600 ha / 18,000 tons), mustard (1,139 ha / 25,468 tons), celery (700 ha / 16,050 tons), water convolvulus (1,013 ha / 19,201 tons), and other small leafy vegetables (9,315 ha / 175,120 tons). Common cabbage (2,695 ha / 128,479 tons) accounted for 35% or more of the total.

Among them, mustard was mainly planted in Chiayi for processing, and the rests were in Yuinlin. Heading lettuce was mainly exported to Japan, the exported volume was 25 tons in 2011, but it surged to 10,000 tons in 2013. It is not only a miracle of Taiwan’s vegetable industry but also is a potential to promote the whole industry of vegetables for exports.

leafy vegetables