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The varieties Chianan No.8 and Tainan No.5, released by the station, were the major varieties grown by the farmers between 1959 and 1978. The prominent varieties since 1999, i.e. Taikeng No.8 and Tainan No.11, were also released by the station. Tainan No.11 is counted for 55% plus of the cultivation area island wide now.

Within the service area of Tainan DARES, it has ca. 100,000 ha of paddy rice per year, and valued NT$ 15 billion dollars. About 65% or more of paddy rice is Tainan No.11. The glutinous Tainan No.3 is the leading variety. It has 10 rice production and marketing groups in Tainan District, the contracted cultivation area is about 3,000 ha.