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Butterfly orchid

Butterfly orchid ( Phalaenopsis spp.) is a major floriculture industry in Taiwan, and is estimated 182 ha of cultivation in with US$ 183 million dollars of export value per year. The major overseas markets are the US, Netherlands, and Japan. The export products included flasked seedling, young plants, and cut flowers. Taiwan’s orchid business is famous years for its breeding works. Current research includes greenhouse management, flowering physiology, and storage techniques for export. Tainan DARES has developed physiological analyzing methods to select suitable cultivars for high temperature cultivation, and has established the flower forcing system in high density growth chamber to reduce production cost to promote the development of the industry.


Dancing lady orchid ( Oncidium spp.) is one of the most important cut flowers for export in Taiwan. About 248 ha are grown island-wide, but most of them are located in central and southern Taiwan and 62 ha of them are in the service area of the Tainan DARES. Oncidium can be sold as cut flower, pot flower, or flower seedlings, and cut flower is the most important. The export markets are Japan, Korea, Hongkong, the U.S., Holland and China, with a yearly export value of US$ 50 million dollars. Cultivar Oncidium “Gower Ramsey” and Oncidium “Honey Angle” are the major varieties.

The limitations of Oncidium industry include the lack of excellent cut flower cultivars, and flowering time concentrated in May to June and September to October. Tainan DARES intended to solve the problems through continually breeding and chemical treatments, and has now achieved some significant breakthroughs which can be used by the farmers to help the industry of Oncidium.