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Maize or corn depending on its usage can be divided into green maize and field corn. Freshly consumed corns in Taiwan can be divided into sweet corn, waxy corn and white corn, with an annual cultivation area of ca. 10,000 ha in Yuinlin, Chiayi, Changhua and Tainan. The major production season is from September to February of the next year, followed by spring season from March to June and summer from July to September. The yield is between 10-18 tons/ ha.

For filed corn, the cultivation area was 9,300 ha in 2013, and was mainly cultivated in Chiayi and Tainan, followed by Yuinlin, Changha, Hualien and Taitung. Growing season is focused in the fall from September to March of the next year.

Taiwan imported annually 4 to 5 million tons of field corn for feed use. In order to re-vitalize the fallow land, the government has encouraged farmers to grow field corns. The station focused on the breeding of field corns with high yielding varieties without irrigation and pesticide spraying. Some promising lines showed the yield potential of 8-9 tons/ ha.