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Pineapple is originated in tropical Americans, and is an important tropical fruit in Taiwan. It can be produced by forcing culture, therefore, fruit is available year round. The cultivation area is about 9,335 ha/year with 39,210 tons of fruits in Pingtung, Tainan, Kaohsing, Chiayi and Nantou. Within the Tainan DARES service area, it has 3,348 ha or 35.9% of the total. Tainung 17 is the main variety, it accounted for 70% or more. Other varieties such as Tainung 20 and 16 are also commonly grown. Fruits are mainly used for fresh consumption or table use. In the recent years, many farmers started planting the processing variety Cayenne. Most fruits were consumed in the island and the main export markets are China and Japan.