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The cultivation area in Taiwan is ca 500-600 ha. Production season is from early April to early November, and 60-70% is produced in April to June. Its yield is ca 5,400 kg/ha, and total yield is 3,340 tons/year. Taiwan annually imported 3,300 tones of asparagus. The major area and cultivation acreage are Changhua, 342 ha; Tainan, 92 ha; Chiayi, 90 ha; Yuinlin, 37 ha; and Pingtung, 24 ha. The station developed a year-round production model in protected facility, and released white asparagus varieties Tainan selection No.1, No.2, green asparagus Tainan No.3 and No.4. They are the leading varieties, account for 80% of the cultivation in Taiwan. Current research is focused on the development of multicolor varieties and forcing culture techniques.